Vernard & LaCresha

April 2, 2007

I had such a great time photographing this couple.  They are so sweet with one another, it made my job pretty easy.  Thanks guys for a great afternoon together!  Here are a few of my favorites.  Enjoy!

















9 Responses to “Vernard & LaCresha”

  1. LaCresha Sails said

    You are the greatest. Our pics are wonderful. Thanks so much. We both enjoyed working with you. See you at the wedding!!

  2. Andria Fontenot said

    these pictures are great! i love the one of them sitting in the grass!
    I’m so excited you started updating your blog…
    but sad that you didn’t start when I got married!can’t wait to see you at a crazies meeting!

  3. Anne Lord said

    i love love the last image still. i keep showing it to people. i want a picture of ryan and i like that! only we’re not as graceful. he’d probably drop me, or i’d just fall on my own.

  4. These are very beautiful images!! You can really see the love that this couple has for one another!

    ~ Robin

  5. Aunt Jan said

    These photos are lovely! Spoony, I am very proud of you. Cree, be good to my Baby! Love ya both!

  6. Eliza said

    You two look so in love. Congrats.

  7. Shannon and Chanell Finley said

    What can we say…these photos exude love. We are so happy for you both and we speak the blessings of the Lord upon your marriage!

  8. beautifulbrown said

    oh wow. these pictures left me speechless. the couple is beautiful and the way you captured that was amazing! you’re awesome at what you do 🙂

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