I’ve been Tagged!

August 27, 2007

So, I’ve recently been made aware that there is a new trend in the photography blogging world.  It’s a little game of “TAG.”  I’ve been tagged my good friend, and boss, Kelly Moore Clark.  So, this little game of tag requires that I share eight facts about myself, then tag eight other photographers.  So, here it goes.

Fact #1:  I am a California girl.  I was born, and lived in Southern Cali until I was in the 7th grade.  Then my family moved to Southern Louisiana.

Fact #2:  I used to raise pigs for the 4H club.  (great profit margin!)  Yes, I was a “country” California gal!

Fact #3:  I am the middle of three girls in my family, and I am a clone of my mother.

Fact #4:   I where my emotions on my sleeve.  I don’t hide what I’m feeling all that well.

Fact #5:  I am pregnant with our very first child!  Due Jan 26th…..we’re not finding out the sex.

Fact #6:  I love the outdoors:  camping, hiking, biking.  (yeah, we definitely need to live closer to the mountains)

Fact #7:  I’ve been out of the country several times:  Romania, Poland, South Africa.

Fact #8:  My husband and I fell in love in South Africa, and were married nine months later!  We’ve been married for a little over three years now.

I believe most of the photographers I know have already been “tagged.”  I’ll try a few.

 Jake Morrow

Anne Marie Photography

Christina Louvierre

Katy Marshall


3 Responses to “I’ve been Tagged!”

  1. Christina said

    awww congrats on the baby Melissa!!!! I miss yall

  2. Traci said

    what??? a little baby breedlove? how exciting! so happy for you. Thanks for the tag. Will you be at Love Affair?

  3. kellie finch said

    YAY for you Melissa.. that is exciting news! congrats..

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