A Makayla…..BLOG update!

June 4, 2008

So, I’m WAY behind on blogging.  I have had some amazing shoots in the past month and half, that I really want to show you guys!!  I just don’t know when I’ll have time to blog them all.  Also, be looking for my new site.  I plan on getting it up in July, and I can’t wait.  Most all of my stuff on my site is a bit outdated with what I am currently shooting.  Sorry for the delay guys!

I wanted to share some precious pics of my precious baby girl!  Makayla Jane is already four months old, and is SO much fun.  She is laughing and smiling, “talking,” rolling over.  Each day with her is another opportunity to fall in love all over again.  I absolutely LOVE being a mom!

Here’s my little cutie!

We went to the beach at the beginning of May and Makayla got to hear real ocean waves for the first time, and touch her toes to the sand.  The beach is one of my absolute favorite places, and it was wonderful being there to share it with my baby girl for the first time.


One Response to “A Makayla…..BLOG update!”

  1. Katie Hendricks said

    melissa! your little angel is so adorable! she looks just like you!

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