**Share the LOVE**

October 13, 2008

So, I just completed my first “Share the Love” session!  Last week Kristen Helm came over for a day full of Questions & a whole lot of answers.  She and I talked all about the camera, the business, and, of course, did some shooting.  I so enjoyed getting to know this awesome woman.  Crazy enough, turns out we were on the same swim team together in high school.  I knew she looked familiar!  She’s a fellow Mandeville girl, and all these years later, our paths crossed again.  Craziness!  She is very excited about pursuing her photography business more and more, and I know she is going to do well.  I can’t wait to see what she does with all the New stuff she learned!

Here are some shots from the awesome shoot we had that afternoon.  Hannah Lee modeled for us, and she did an amazing job -as you can tell from the images!  Thanks so much Hannah.  We had a blast.

Learning about motion.  Lucked out with a train passing.  love it.

Kristen in Action!

This is one of Kristen’s shots.  It was one of my favs.  We also talked about photoshop textures, and played around with those a bit, as you can see here.  I just love it, Kristen.

And, last but not least…..I had to put this one in the post.  I just LOVE Hannah’s smile here.  So beautiful.

And, finally….


One Response to “**Share the LOVE**”

  1. Marsha Moran Barocco said

    While just cruising thru this website, I remember KBH telling me how excited she was to work with you, Melissa. Her voice beams when talking about photo shoots, but, to have had the experience working with you and your helpful hints, I just know that it will be time put to good test(s). These shots were great, and the model was beautiful in all of them. MMB (Mom)

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