So… Fall is upon us…and I’m busy….and behind….again!

October 23, 2008

I just wanted to post a little update.  I do have SO much to blog for you guys!  Please do not give up on me.  I have been super busy shooting, keeping up with an 8.5 month old, and ….. traveling.  I am so happy that this fall I have been able to photograph some awesome families and seniors.  I really haven’t had time in the past to take on many of these, so it has been a fun season for me, professionally! 

So, I am currently in S. LA, Mandeville to be exact, for a visit with the family and to do several family shoots while I’m here.  It’s a great reason for travel….family time and work!  Love it.  I must say, though, I was a bit torn leaving Ruston, especially as the night before my departure I had to take my brand new computer to the “hospital!”  Yes, my hard drive failed!!  I just couldn’t believe it.  Not to panic, though.  Luckily I have a great archiving system in place, and the amazing guys at Business Technology Group in Ruston worked their magic, recovered my info, and are replacing the “stuff” that needs replacing.  It’s scary when we rely so heavily on technology. 

Anyway!  Stay tuned for:

1)  Nantucket wedding (yes, I still plan on showing you the beauty of that weekend wedding)   

2)  Sonya and Jason Jones. 

3)  An awesome Senior session with Gina.

3)  Family shoots

4)  My most precious gift……Makayla Jane.  She’ almost 9 months, now, and gets cuter by the day.  I must show her off!

Thanks guys for checking in!  Talk soon!


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