Schroeder Family – New Orleans Family Portraits

December 4, 2009

For those of you who know the Schroeder family, I really don’t  have to say much at all……..a smile is already on your faces.  🙂  But, for the rest of you, let me explain a few things about this awesome family.  Rick and Melissa are two of the coolest parents Brandon and I have come across.  We were blessed to have gotten to know them, along with thier five amazing kiddos while we lived in Ruston.  Rick has stories of some pretty crazy adventures he’s taken his boys on.  I believe theres one even about one of the boys and a little “off-road” adventure in a Jeep?  😉  These guys are the “cool” guys; ie: hiking, camping, explosions by the campfire, skydiving, white water rafting….the list goes on.  The Shroeder clan is all about some hard core fun!

Melissa is a mother who I aspire to be like one day.  The way she loves her family and serves them has raised the bar for me as a mother of two young girls.  She and Rick have raised five kids who all love the Lord and eachother, and display that love very clearly.  I respect each of them and can’t wait to see what God holds in store for their family.

So, enough of my mushy rants.  I just had to give a prelude to this post of images of this amazing family.

I had the priviledge, even though we now live five hours from them, to be able to meet up with the Schroeders in New Orleans a couple weeks ago.  We spent a great morning together shooting, first at Mr Baker’s home in Metairie  and ending in the French Quarter.  Mr. Baker is Melissa’s father, and as soon as you meet him you can see how she has her sweet and gentle spirit.  She’s just like her Daddy.  🙂 It was such a joy for me to look through my lens and be able to capture bits and pieces of Melissa’s relationship with her Daddy.

Never too old to hold your fathers hand.

He was cradling his arms to his chest as he was telling me the story of the first time he remembered holding his “baby girl.”  melt my heart. Yes, I’m a sap for stuff like that.  But, I can promise you that when Melissa sees this picture she, too will remember that moment he told the story.  🙂

Mr. Baker’s close friend Ms. B joined the family shoot.  One thing for sure about these two – they can get each other to smile.  What better gift than that? 🙂

Fun family fotos.  Gotta love chartreuse green shag!

Their puppy was the most well behaved dog I’ve ever had in a photo shoot.  Stoic. poised.

Hannah was the Homecoming Queen.  So….Rick had to steal the crown for a shot!  🙂

Good Ole New Orleans.  Classic.

And…to end….just, a cool shot of Silas.


One Response to “Schroeder Family – New Orleans Family Portraits”

  1. Awl Melissa I love that family too! Great job with them, you are awesome!

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