Melissa & Jason

December 8, 2009

Abundant Laughter.  Perfect Joy.   Love beautifully displayed.

Melissa and Jason = fabulous for each other, fun, energetic, witty, caring, kind, laid back, ……… oh the list could go on.  All in all, I had one of the best afternoons with these two!  They got to spend a couple of hours laughing and loving on eachother, and I got to do everything in my power to capture  the two of them in a way that honestly reflects their love for one another!  What a privilege. What a great day.

They both told me how much they enjoy cooking together. So, I thought it would be great to capture them through the “Joy of Cooking.”  😉

So, one of their wedding colors is a marigold yellow.  I had driven by these beautiful yellow flowers for weeks, just waiting for their session!  Perfect match.

These next two images just make me SO happy.  Beautiful couple.  Awesome light.

Pure, Fun Love.


3 Responses to “Melissa & Jason”

  1. molly henderson said

    melissa, what a beautiful job! Steve and I love the pictures. You captured the radiant love these two share. Thank you—molly

  2. Wonderful idea. Beautiful couple!

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